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NEW!! Debut photo session in Cingjing Taichung (台中清境)

Our first collaboration with Warner Travel, a travel specialist with a radio programme airing every Saturday morning (格價櫃位 / 格價Eric). Thanks to the full support by Warner Travel, the Taichung photo shooting trip is our debut with limited offer for 5 couples. The photo shooting dates are 31 Aug to 4 Sep, 2012. Full details can be located here:

For couples planning whereabout for a pre-wedding photo shoot, Cingjing is a place where you should go if you don’t prefer a long flight trip to Europe.  Let’s have a look of the special features of this offer:

–  You will have your photo shoot done in a place with altitude 1,750m above the sea

–  You can expect the set of your photos taken in Cingjing be a mix of the silky sky with layered clouds, the beauty of natural green in a valley and some indoor shots in the hotel with interior design of ancient style (well, we highly recommend couples to stay in the Old England Hotel by Shangri-la hotel group)

–  It just takes you 1.5 hours to fly from HK to Taichung; another 2 hours from Taichung to Cingjing

– Professional travel services from Warner Travel

–  Unbeatable price! As this a our debut collaboration with Warner Travel, we are able to shape this special package for couples

– You can continue with your excursion there after the photo shoot 🙂

For reservation and any further enquiries, you are most welcomed to contact us via phone or email for direct discussion.

Our contact no.:  8202 1302

Our email:

This photo was taken when I had my leisure travel last month to Cingjing, Taichung (台中清境)

This photo is extracted from the official website of Old England Hotel ( We highly recommend couples to stay in this Madrigal Suite of Old England as we can take some very nice shots in the hotel room before going out the valley.

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