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Post wedding photo of Vivian & Otto in Bali

My pleasure to have the second photo session with Vivian & Otto after photo shooting their wedding day earlier this year.  The mood was much more relaxed to have this post wedding photo shoot in Bali with sunshine and sea breeze.  The trip to Bali was unique indeed as I did pre-wedding, wedding day and post-wedding photo shoot for three couples in which the three brides are old good friends!  Lucky the weather was perfect all along.  On the day with Vivian & Otto, the three couples dressed up with gowns and suits and took some pictures together – beloved moment and precious photos.  I can truly feel their genuine friendship and I am glad to share their happiness with my photos.

This photo was taken at Tegal Wangi Beach a few minutes before the tide-rise!  We ran away swiftly before the cave submerged by seawater.  Well, Vivian was the fastest runner at that moment :pSame posture of this photo was taken when Gloria, Vivian and Eunice at their school age.  It was always fun to have it taken after some good years.

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